Experienced Family Law Services in Ontario

If you are looking for a divorce or want to separate legally from your partner then Saini & Kamal’s law Professional Corporation, Toronto can help you with all the necessary advice. Getting a divorce comes with various variables which are needed to be taken care of legally and under expert guidance.

Saini Law Firm has been defending clients in greater Toronto for more than 20 years. We have the best legal professionals who have excelled in their work. As family law attorneys we know how to protect your family, rights and assets.

Get Solution-focused Family Lawyer Services to Resolve Disputes

The family lawyers at Saini and Kamal Law Office can help you immensely to understand and handle the delicacy of divorce and separation. The case becomes more delicate when children are involved in a divorce. We provide you with favorable legal advice for children and related issues.

Child Custody

When parents are not together then the most important decision comes to child custody. Our priority is to protect the rights of the minor and fight for the best decision for our clients.

Child Support

The money paid by one parent to the other comes under child support. We help to determine the terms of child support orders and organize child support payments.

Beside Children, another important variable of Divorce is ‘Finances’. These are complex issues and can only be handled with the help of a lawyer. Finances include-

– Buyout of your house
– Division of Pension
– Financial obligations and rights
– Division of assets

We help you understand the impact of your divorce on your finances and your business.

Going to court is not always necessary to end a relationship. You can take help from Mediation and get to a decision together. It can help to resolve some important issues without going to the courtroom, like-

– Spousal support
– Child access and custody
– Property division

Mediation is less expensive and less time-consuming. We help both parties to come to a common decision in a neutral and healthy environment.

Contact Saini & Kamal Law Professional Corporation to seek the best guidance for your family law cases. Our team will help you at every step, just get in touch with us.

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